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Formerly Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Treating teams

Our spinal cord injury rehabilitation programme is undertaken by a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team led by one of three treating consultants.

These core teams involve the patient, their family, the treating clinician, and a representative from nursing, nursing education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and clinical psychology.

When necessary, representatives with other areas of expertise (e.g. respiratory therapy, speech/language therapy, and other consultants) and who specialise in spinal cord injury also are included into the team.

Progress in rehabilitation is monitored constantly with formal review on at least two or three occasions throughout the rehabilitation stay.

These “case review meetings” convene most Tuesday afternoons, where the goals of rehabilitation are set and monitored. The patient and, if they wish, their family are welcome to attend these meetings and together the plan for care and eventual discharge is established.

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