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Formerly Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Our patients

The centre admits people with all levels and severity of spinal cord injury. Each year we treat approximately 150 inpatients and at any given time we treat 51 inpatients. The centre has the largest ventilator-dependent and weaning SCI programmes in Europe.

The average age of our patients is 57, but the most common age is 54. Our youngest person was two-years-old and our oldest 103.

  • 71% of our patients are male
  • 13% of our patients’ injuries are motor vehicle-related
  • 41% of our patients were injured in falls, and 4% in sports.
  • 10% of our patients SCI is caused by an epidural abscess
  • Approximately 74% of our patients have ASIA “incomplete” injuries, meaning there is motor and/or sensory sparing below the level of the injury at the time of admission
  • The average time from the date of injury to admission to the centre is 47 days but can be longer and the length of time to complete inpatient rehabilitation (following mobilisation) is three to six months
  • 73% of our patients return home

We not only treat newly-injured patients but those who experience a late onset complication of spinal cord injury and need inpatient care. Such complications can include urological, skin surgery, neurosurgery or other medical/surgical procedures.

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