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Formerly Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Mental health

Pregnancy and the period after your baby is born (known as the perinatal period) are often talked about as the happiest time in a parent’s life. This can cause pressure, leading to feeling that you should or ought to be “happy”. But sometimes it doesn’t always feel that way.

In the perinatal period you are more likely to need support for your mental health. There are lots of changes that come with pregnancy and parenthood – physical, hormonal along with alteration to relationships and social groups – all of which can affect you at different times.

Emotional wellbeing, or mental health, is just as important as physical health. Up to one-in-five women and one-in-10 men are affected by mental health problems during the perinatal period, and recent research shows this number might in fact be even higher.

This film, which is produced by Perinatal Positivity, and uses the real voices and experiences of women and men who have had mental wellbeing difficulties around the time of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


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